Winter wishlist #1

After a couple of snow days, what I already knew and what everyone incessantly pointed out became quite obvious. I need serious winter gear!

Here is the first shortlist of very essential items on my very urgent wishlist!

I was comfortable with my wardrobe when it came to sweaters, cardigans, and lighter cotton underwear, but I was utterly unprepared for the -15º to -30º reality of November and December in Ottawa (where I am now residing).

In order of appearance above here are the essentials I promptly procured a few weeks ago:

  1. Fleece Touchscreen Gloves
    These Atimigo gloves were a best seller at and these were one of my first wishlist items. I had to continuously take off my wool gloves whenever I needed to use my Smartphone. If you live in a colder climate or just suffer with cold hands in winter you know the struggle is real! Once your gloves are off and your hands are cold it takes a lot to warm them up again. So for me it was imperative that I could wear my gloves while navigating a new city.
  2. Thermal Base layer bottoms
    These Terramar base layers were a crucial purchase. Living in Ireland I could do with ripped jeans and jeggings all winter, and I wasn't going to throw away 6 or 7 pairs of jeans just like that, so I thought the best deal was to reinforce my existing bottoms arsenal with some base layers instead. I have successfully purchased quite a few pairs. Some cheaper fleece alternatives I found at Simons are actually my favourite. But we haven't gotten to the dead of winter so I know some heavier base layers will come in handy.
  3. 'A proper winter coat'
    This needs to be your first purchase when moving to a cold country. Be sure to look for information on what temperatures will the coat insulate you from, the materials, where and how it is manufactured (you really don't want to buy something poorly made for this), and preferably think about length and permeability too. All things considered, I bought this Quartz Genia down coat. It is semi-fitted and it hits me mid-thigh (I'm super short but it is meant to cover your midsection comfortably). I've bought it in grey and the materials are all premium quality: you can find all the information you need on their website, which to me said a great deal about the manufacture of the product and the brand ethos. And it is water replant, and the insulation materials ensure I'll withstand the Canadian winter warm as a bun in an oven.

I am positive my list of essential winter items will increase with time, as I adapt and adjust but these are my essential-can't really survive a day without winter wishlist items.

Do you live in a cold country? What else would you suggest for my winter essentials shopping list?

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you all soon for another Canadian Adventure report!

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