• File & Polish 10 
  • File & French Polish 15 
  • Mini Mani 15  
  • Full Mani 30 
  • MAN-icure 25
  • Mini Gelish Mani 30
  • Full Gelish Mani 40
  • Hard Gel Overlay & Gelish Mani 60
  • Soak off Gelish 15
  • Polish Change 7 
  • French Polish Change 10   



Mini manicures are only recommended if you have undergone cuticle work within two to three weeks from your appointment as they consist of dry cuticle work using cuticle softeners.

Full manicures are a must if you can actually see those dry dangling cuticle bits around your nails and if your last visit to the cuticle fairy was more than three weeks prior to your next appointment. Non-debatable, especially if you are coming in for nail extensions/overlays or Gelish manis!

Nail Extensions

  • Color Acrylic Full Set 50
  • Acrylic Full Set & Gelish 65
  • Acrylic Refill/Rebalance 40
  • Nail Repair 6
  • Acrylic Removal & Mini Mani 25
  • Color Gel Full Set 50
  • Gel Full Set & Gelish 65
  • Gel Refill/Rebalance 40
  • Nail Repair 6
  • Gel Removal & Mini Mani 25



A brief discussion prior to the appointment for your gorgeous new nails will allow both of us to discuss which system works best for you.



  • Mini Pedi 30
  • Full Pedi 45
  • Man-Pedicure 50                                
  • Mini Gelish Pedi 40
  • Full Gelish Pedi 55  
  • Hard Gel Overlay & Gelish Pedi 75
  • Soak Off Gelish 15
  • Polish Change 15 
  • French Polish Change 18




Much like manicures, mini pedis are only recommended if you have undergone cuticle work and an encounter with a pumice stone within two to three weeks from your appointment.

Full pedicures are a must if your poor feet have not seen the light of day all winter, or even if they've been out in the open a bit too much. Dry feet are not happy feet and they need pampering! Also not debatable, if you are coming in for toenail extensions/overlays or Gelish pedis!

Nail Art

  • Per nail:
    • Stamping 1.5                        
    • Free-hand 3
    • Stickers 1
    • Rhinestones 2
  • Per item:
    • Swarovski Crystals - 3€ each/7€ Set of 3
  • Combos:
    • 1/minute



Although there is a set price per nail and style, other arrangements can be made using the combo sets, where you will be charged by the time it takes to complete the artwork. This is specifically designed to bring you value for money on larger sets of nail art, or if you want to mix and match styles.