Blog Mission

I am a true believer that a good mission statement serves a deep purpose. It keeps us accountable and provides a baseline for whatever it proposes to describe allowing for reflection, and readjustment of one's goals. That said, it is only fitting that the task I have been so cleverly procrastinating on doing, should precisely start with one of these.

My goal in writing this down is, as mentioned, keeping myself accountable and setting the expectation of what anyone following the blog will find. As well as providing me with a benchmark to assess what I write, who I write it for, and why, over time. So here it goes!

The mission of my blog is to share my passion for hand and nail care, nail art and the nail industry, with clients and professionals alike by providing well informed, factual opinions about my journey as a nail technician and a nail art lover.

See you here for the start of this journey very soon!