Hand and nail service aftercare

Below you will find a list of best practices and steps you should take daily to maintain your brand new set of nails as good as new until your next service.


custom blend of oils

custom blend of oils

  • Use your nails as tools, use your finger pads and the appropriate tools instead.
  • Pick on your gel, acrylic or varnish.
  • Use harsh chemicals in direct contact with your hands and nails. Namely cleaning detergents or abrasives. Certain cosmetic products such as tanning products or sunscreen as they stain and cause separation of products from the nail plate.
  • Go longer than recommended for your next appointment
Hand moiturisers and masks


  • Use cuticle oil, preferably Jojoba based, to nurture your cuticles twice daily. Apply a moisturiser after cuticle oil to lock in the oil. This prevents your extensions from being brittle and chipping or breaking. 
  • Use gloves when performing chores around the house or using cleaning products.
  • Use your finger pads instead of your nails to grab or touch things.
  • File any kinks or chips down with a hand file to prevent those from catching. If lifting or peeling is noticed please do NOT pick or pull at the lifted area, as this will cause the lifting to increase and could even damage the natural nail. Please contact me so that I can assess the nail and decide if a repair is necessary. Please note that repairs will be chargeable.
  • Use a basecoat if you are polishing your nail extensions.
  • Use non-acetone remover when removing nail varnish from either natural nails or nail extensions.
  • Return for inspection if you notice discoloration under your extensions or overlays.

Remember that, while the products on your nails will have an expected lasting ability, this is directly impacted by your day to day care and actions. 

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