Why & How I Chose My Brands

Choosing a brand is hard, and an important choice to make. Along with my last post, this aims to help you with that choice.

Here you will find the reasons why I chose the brands I use today, and why I will continue to do so for a while.

I am a certified Nail Technician and I was trained in all nail systems. However, I took more liking to gel systems than I did acrylic and a year after my certification I work exclusively in hard and soak off gels.

My two brands of choice are Crystal Nails for my hard gels, and Gelish (Hand and Nail Harmony), for my soak off gel polish.I will go in detail below as to why I chose them and why I decided to stand by them.

I'll start with the one that, well, chose me first. I studied in a college and my teacher had a great relationship with Crystal Nails, so our training kits were naturally from the brand she used. I haven't stopped using it since. Here is a short list of reasons why I love it and use it to this day:

  1. This one is obvious - I was trained in it!
  2. Proven quality with over a year of use. Hard gel extensions last and colour gels are long lasting too.
  3. Sculpting gels have a great range of cool, soak off, hard gels, colours.
  4. Colour gels are highly pigmented and very versatile.
  5. There are options for every client and every nail type.
  6. Product releases follow seasonal, and industry trends.
  7. Products improve at a fast pace and the company keeps up with new technology.
  8. My reseller - Crystal Nails Ireland work super efficiently and I usually get my products delivered in a couple of days.

As for Gelish, my gel polish brand, I started using it only after I graduated and it was a researched choice. The main reasons were:

  1. It is a brand with a lot of local visibility.
  2. It has an appealing colour range.
  3. Seasonal collections are released regularly and follow industry trends.
  4. They bet heavily on marketing and in building their branding.
  5. My reseller - Creative Academy Ireland, give me the best level of support I could ask for - no question I ask goes unanswered.

Do I have all my life figured out you ask? No, not at all. I have yet to find a desirable pedicure system. And my approach to regular nail polish is all over the place. I'd like to stick to a brand there but I haven't found one that fits all my need. Plus, I'm a polish collector so I really can't help myself. I do know what I want, and if you've read my previous post, you know that that is half way there.

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