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It's going to be my third post on this topic, and if you are wondering coincidence? Not at all! I grew up a bookworm, and a very logical case of the know it alls. This is my territory and I feel I have a lot to give in this department.

Without further ado here are my latest and greatest informational finds in the world of Nail Technology, sociology and beauty industry.

  • Beauty Brains
    Randy and Perry are two very generous cosmetic chemists. Their generosity materialises in the form of their blog, forum, podcast and all in all social media presence. What do you get from giving them your time of day? All the facts and I mean all of them, about the beauty industry.
    Nail industry related articles include "Is nail polish good for your nails?" , or "Where did my favourite pink polish go?". You can find them at
  • On the subject of Speaking up:
    One of my favourite Nail tech industry people and podcaster Liz Morris did an episode on the general ability to speak up. You can find it on her Youtube channel here, or your podcast app of choice. and brushes the topic in the context of our industry. 
    And coincidently, a couple of weeks after that I listened to a TED Radio Hour episode on the same topic. It is particularly helpful for the insights of Social psychologist Adam Galinsky. He studies why it's so daunting to speak up -- and what can help, and you can hear a bit about it in this episode along with other speakers.
  • On Youtube:
    Naio Nails posted a video on Acrylic basics. Kirstie Meakin, in my opinion,  nails (no pun intended, just can't help it!) what most newly licensed or in training nail techs aim to understand, to grasps and achieve - bead consistency and size while explaining liquid to powder ratio brilliantly.

What gems have you found recently? Fell free to share it in the comments below!